This is a new video capturing Day 5 and 6 of our adventure


This is a re-edited video of the first 3 days of this adventure. It includes a video of Day 3 that is being posted for the 1st time. These videos capture group 1’s ride from Feb 15th, 2010 through Feb 17th, 2010 Sault Saint Marie, Mi to Wisconsin

This video was re-edited to include dialog between trail boss and others during the most difficult portion of this adventure. One of the main lessons learned on this day was how critical it is to have the right sled (mountain or at least a crossover designed for these snow conditions, this was not the same snow you would find back in the midwest, with the higher elevations, the moisture content is much less, creating a consistency more like sugar. Unfortunately we had only  a couple of sleds designed for these conditions with us at this point. The other key lesson is to make sure everyone is healthy enough to handle these type of conditions, unfortunately one of the riders had previously been injured on a previous day and was not able to physically handle the conditions we experienced on this leg of the trip. This day reinforced the need to be prepared with the survival and communication tools required for this trip. Knowing we could communicate with rescuer and survive a night in the mountains if necessary was critical to everyone staying focused on working our way out of this dangerous situation.  This version contains some adult language and may not be suitable for children Rated: PG-13

This is the updated video summary for the ride back from Tok, Alaska to Dawson City, Yukon on March 10th, 2010. This was the last day of riding for the 2010 MichCanSka adventure.  Enjoy, we are still working on posting a couple of more video’s for previous days earlier in the trip, so check back… thanks for all the positive comments about the video’s!

Heading Home….

We drove from Dawson, Yukon to Whitehorse, Yukon yesterday and everyone is now heading home, some flying, others driving… you can continue to watch satellite tracking on the ones driving back… Also additional Video’s will be posted in the next couple of days… Again thanks for everyones support!

We are riding back to Dawson, Yukon today, back across the “Top of the World Highway”

Update on the two riders injured in Group 1 yesterday:

Dave Green from Linwood, Michigan is very sore after a mishap about 80 miles from Tok, Alaska yesterday.

Betty Pattullo from Caro, Michigan is currently in Anchorage, Alaska after being taken there last night for observation. The report this morning is no broken bones or major problems. After arriving in Tok, Alaska yesterday afternoon, she had a freak accident at our hotel, when her throttle stuck, while moving her sled across the parking lot after clearing US customs. She is more then a little upset after successfully making the 4000 mile trek and than this happens..

Please keep both Dave and Betty in your prayers as they recover..