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We safely trailered in Dawson City,  Yukon today, arriving at 5:15 P.M. (Pacific), We are planning on going on a Poker Run with the local snowmobilers Saturday here in Dawson..


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We finally arrived safely in Ross River at 11:00 P.M. (Pacific)… We rode from Johnson Crossing, YT to Ross River, YT today over a mountain road only open in the summer, a combination of the most beautiful and difficult ride of the entire trip.. We spent over 12 hours on the trail and almost spent the night in the mountains… Of the 140 miles we rode through the Yukon mountain wilderness, we ran into a 30 mile stretch where the snow levels were so deep, and trail conditions so poor, it was taking hours just to go a few miles. It was very frustrating and physically  demanding  and at the same time, awesome scenery. As a team we all pulled through and overcame this extreme adventure. We will be posting a video on this day later this evening.. Yah! thats the trail ahead… I think?

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